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Welcome to Ancient Athens 3D!

    This site was created in order to present the monuments and buildings of Athens from the Mycenaean period (1600 BCE) to the Early Modern period (~AD 1800), through 3D representations.   

    The building representations are based on detailed architectural plans and excavations, according to the most up to date studies. Buildings that have left few or no traces at all (like the Mycenaean palace on the Acropolis) and some others  (mostly houses), were placed in order to give a most complete impression of the city.  Although a great attention to the detail was givenit is very likely that there are certain mistakes or omissions. Therefore, every information or pointing out is welcome.

     Begin your trip in Ancient Athens by choosing a period. Each period was separated by taking in mind the big poleodomic changes of the city and not the historic ones (with witch happen to match at a great extent). Each period includes a list of monuments. In every monument there is a short description and other information alongside with their 3D representation. 

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ΑΤΤΕΝΤΙΟΝ: Every picture and text is copyrighted to the author according to the Greek Law 2121/1993 and the international copyright legislations. It is nevertheless permitted to publish parts of them only when followed by a reference to this site and the author. It is Strictly Prohibited to publish the whole, or a big part, of the content of this website. It would  really be appreciated if you could send a notification email before or after you have used any image or text. If you find images or text taken from this website, or the whole website (even in other media formats) without reference, please send us a notification.

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